America's Premier Diamond Scalpel Manufacturer!

MICRO EDGE is the Premier Ophthalmic Diamond Scalpel manufacturer in the USA. We are experts in the resharpening/rehoning, repairing, and converting diamond scalpels.

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 Located and incorporated in Wilmington Delaware, MICRO EDGE was founded in 2000. Our technicians have decades of combined experience in cutting, polishing and grinding of many Diamond related products. Our expertise focuses in, but is not limited to, the manufacturing and repair of diamond surgical knives used in the Ophthalmic, Neurological and Cardiology fields requiring precision and cost effective instruments! We take pride in working closely with our customers to provide a reliable, cost efficient, and exceptional service.



Manufacturing Process 

The manufacturing of a micro surgical scalpel is a precise and extremely delicate process. It begins when a rough diamond is cut with our automated laser system. Our laser allows us to easily create the shape of any scalpel design. After the required blank shape is cut, our craftsman delicately shape the facet angles until the worlds sharpest edge is created. Finally, before any diamond knife is shipped it is inspected with a fiber optic light under a high power microscope, by our quality control department, to insure the highest quality incision possible!




Diamond is the hardest material on earth, that can create the misconception that a diamond knife is indestructible. This common misunderstanding can lead to damage to your knife.  If the scalpel is mishandled or not cleaned properly it can easily be chipped or damaged.

Small chips or imperfection's in the blade can effect it's ability to cut smoothly . In most cases depending on the extent of the damage, MICRO EDGE is able to repair the blade and return it to your ophthalmic supplier within 24 hours.




With the use of our state of the art, automated Yag laser system, a diamond knife can quickly be converted from an outdated diamond scalpel into a (MICS) small micro incision blade that is more commonly used in today's procedures. Smaller blades have become more popular due to the creation of smaller phaco tips.

Thanks to the development of our proprietary software, and laser beam delivery system, Micro Edge has the capability to change the shape or size of any diamond scalpel quickly and precisely, saving you time and cost about half the price of a new blade.